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Living space with feature wall

Choosing the right wallpaper can set the tone and ambience of a space. In this case the Japanese inspired cherry blossom brings a feeling of calm across the room.

Mirror mirror on the wall

Finding space for those great trinkets can give a nice twist to an entrance.

The living space and indoor balcony
Gorgeous wall unit

Choosing elegant items to compliment the space and your style perfectly.

Coffee table with style

The coffee table is a centre piece which needs its own setting neither taking up too much or too little space in the living area. In this case the marble and cherry wood combination has a great impact against the dark grey of the rug and sofa.

Pretty Cushions
Stylish bedside table

Both practical in size and gorgeous to look at. Worth it's investment.

The backdrop

Fitted wardrobes with sliding doors in a small bedroom will make your room feel more spacious and light. A bespoke headboard will give it more of a personal touch!

adds colour
Dreamy wallpaper
Stylish wall unit
Gorgeous new sofa

If you don't find one that fits, simply have you're own made. Going for a darker tone gives you room to add colour and texture through cushions and throws.

Finishing touches

When you stumble across something you love, you can make a whole room work around it!

Mood Board

Creating a visual map of your unique style is an important part of the design process. Together we can map out what draws you and link it to the furnishings you feel at home with.


The empty shell just waiting for the right opportunity.

Home Styling


Home Styling Project (Tel Aviv)


This project took the clean palatte of a renovated apartment and turned it into a stylish retro living space with a fresh look. The project involved taking the client shopping for every detail of the apartment to create a home to love.  Mixing both new and old furniture the end result was a unique and vibrant place in the heart of the old North. 

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