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How can I help you? 


Creating a home in Israel typically presents a variety of design challenges. That's why working with the right people is essential to both the process and the result. 


Together with my clients, I ensure that every project is tailored to their individual needs, tastes, and budgets... whether large or small. To this purpose, I work with an excellent and reliable team of contractors, builders, and suppliers covering every detail of the renovation process.

Design Consultancy

A personal home consultation to advise and suggest potential changes that give you the tools for your own adventure in home styling. I support you through the planning phase, advising you of the path and bringing new ideas on where-to-shop or how to inspire and refresh your look. 

Home Styling

A journey of discovery to help you create a unique space. From must-have furniture basics to the finishing touches. Together we create your dream home and private sanctuary that combines a philosophy of beauty and simplicity to meet your fundamental needs.

Together, we shop at stores that reflect your style and concept to find great design items at fair prices, or look to revamp existing furniture, or find space for those unique family heirlooms. 

Full Service Renovation

From start-to-finish, we work to understand your detailed needs for your home. I then prepare working plans and 3D sketches for you to visualise your new home. With hundreds of decisions to be made, I am your guide and support throughout the journey in the planning, construction and purchasing stages - from the necessary basic fixtures and fittings through to your soft furnishings.


Project Management

Working with your ideas or existing plans, I work to ensure your project is brought to life in the way you imagine it., sourcing a team of professionals to manage the process, reduce stress, and deliver a great outcome. 



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