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Bathroom nikki

Phtography: Orit Arnon

Family home in Kfar Saba


This 100 sq m apartment, originally built in the 70's was given a new lease of life to support and reflect the  day-to-day living patterns of its new owners, a couple with their 2 gorgeous young girls and their dog.

Together we planned a new layout to open up more light and breathe new air into the home by looking in detail at the functions of each cm of space. 

Our selection of materials came from the clients desire for warmth throughout the apartment. The wooden floors gave us the perfect backdrop to set that tone. Our shared love for brass led to many of the choices in lighting and furnishings that we found exploring Tel Aviv in search of the right pieces. 


Family bathroom: The materials were sourced to create a fun and modern feel primarily for the two young girls. The puzzle tiles by the Italian firm Mutina did just that. In keeping with the neutral tones, by using plywood as the bath unit and pink detailing, we lifted the space to add a touch of fun. 


En-suite bathroom: Again using Mutina, we selected a monochrome palette for tiling that we warmed by the use of natural cherry wood shelving supporting an over-mounted sink. 

Wallpaper and furnishings came through a clear vision in mind of how the space should feel in each zone of the home, from the communal spaces to the bedrooms. 

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